5 things to consider when choosing an iGaming software provider

5 things to consider when choosing an iGaming software provider

Do you intend to start an igaming business from the ground up? Or, maybe you want to take your land-based gaming business online? The good news is that igaming industry is evolving rapidly, providing a wide range of opportunities for gaming operators to succeed. According to Statista statical portal:

The challenging news is that more and more operators try to enter the igaming arena with the hope to leverage online gaming. As a result, it becomes a battlefield on which only the businesses with better management and well-planned strategies manage to survive.
Why the right igaming software provider matters?
With an extremely competitive market and increased player expectations, launching an online gaming business can challenging. The key to hitting the road of the ever-changing online gaming industry is having a trusted igaming software provider at your side. Hardly anyone can argue the role of a software’s quality and functionality in ensuring an enjoyable player experience. A high-quality igaming software provides secure and rigid business growth, and most importantly, boosts ROI.
Does the igaming software provider give full control over the whole process, starting from the design to post-launch stage? And what about best-of-breed gaming and betting solutions? Is the offered payment system secure? What if all my efforts in entering the online gaming market go down the drain? A myriad of questions arises when choosing an igaming software provider. Hardly there is someone who hasn’t gone through the mind-blowing questioning process when choosing an igaming software provider to start an online gaming business with. It’s okay to feel the way. Let’s dive into the stages leading to a successful online gaming business to see what to expect from an igaming operator for each particular stage. With this in mind, we have made a pyramid reflecting the hierarchy of stages and consequently, the features and tools a good igaming software provider should offer per stage to ensure your success in the online gaming industry. Here’s how it looks like:

Setting up an igaming business
Once you made up your mind to launch an online gaming business, the first thing to consider is choosing a scalable and flexible platform that will be a core of your operations. The platform you choose should perfectly fit the needs of your business. Just note that it is the core of your igaming business. It’s the place where all your user data is stored and where you manage the whole gaming processes. So the success and income of an igaming business greatly depend on the capacity of a platform it operates on. Whether the operations are under a white label or turnkey solution, there are some basic features an igaming platform must contain in any case.

Gaming and betting solutions
Even the most solid platform is worthless if it is not enhanced with a large scale of top quality games. Adding comprehensive Sportsbook, Casino, Live Casino, VR Casino, Skill games to your igaming platform ensures player engagement and guarantees enjoyable user experience. The top igaming software providers always offer a wide variety of cutting-edge gaming and betting solutions to meet the players’ needs.

Player Acquisition and Retention
Players will not come to play on your website immediately after you establish your online presence. You should take special steps to attract players to your website and what’s more important, to keep them engaged. Bonuses and jackpots, and tournaments with a big pool of prizes are highly impressive ways to bait players into your website. ML-driven Customer Relationship Management tools, in their turn, are a blue-chip investment in player retention. Advanced customer relationship management tool can help gaming operators to better understand players’ needs, offer them what they want, reduce the churn rate, refine player segmentation for targeted market and so on.

Risk Management
Wherever there is money, there are always cheaters seeking ways to take more than their fair share. Fraudsters and gaming go hand in hand through the whole gaming history. Online gaming is not an exception. According to a survey, a total of 37% of players confessed to cheating. You may have hundreds of thousands of players on your platform, but still, fail to pursue sustainable profit growth because of risky players. Therefore, protecting your gaming business from fraudulent activities is crucial. Here is why an AI-powered real-time risk management system is another important factor to consider when choosing an igaming software provider. The modern ML-based risk management tools allow gaming operators to promote responsible gaming and instantly detect and manage risky players, in this way preventing any fraudulent activity before it happens.

B2B and B2C support
You can have the answers to the thousands of questions asked by your players. But if you fail to provide an accurate answer to only one question, you put your igaming business at risk. Well, you can turn to Google to save the situation or go over all the known and unknown sources for the answer. Ultimately, you end up wasting your player’s time. A trustworthy igaming software provider is the one that is at your side 24/7, speaks your language and is willing to provide you with complete support instantly.
Top-quality, prompt and helpful support provides enjoyable gaming experience, creates brand loyalty and increases player’s lifetime-value. So, make sure your igaming business is equipped with real-time, multichannel support.Your igaming software provider should offer you comprehensive and multilingual 24/7 support.

Final Thoughts
As we went over the key factors making an igaming software provider worth to partner with, it will be easier for you to set priorities. You can opt for different igaming software providers for each stage separately. Or, start your journey in the online gaming industry with the one that offers comprehensive tools and features for every stage of your business progress.
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