Affiliate tracker: Expanding into new markets

In this month’s data analysis, explains its new expansion of markets and strong growth in the Nordics
The post Affiliate tracker: Expanding into new markets first appeared on EGR Intel. global affiliate channel traffic update – April 2024 report

DeepCI is extending its reach into exciting new territories, opening doors to diverse markets and promising growth. We are proud to announce our expansion into several new regions:

Africa: Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and Zambia, where the digital landscape is ripe for growth.

Europe and Central Asia: adding Azerbaijan, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania and Slovenia.

The Middle East: marking our presence in Qatar.

South America and Southeast Asia: broadening our influence in Ecuador and Thailand.

This strategic expansion enhances our global footprint and positions us to capitalise on emerging digital trends across continents.

Elsewhere, this month we analysed casino affiliate traffic from across the globe which threw up some interesting data points.

The latest data on casino affiliate traffic per capita provides fascinating insights into global engagement levels. Finland and Sweden are leading the charge with remarkably high traffic per capita, showcasing their strong market presence. Surprisingly, New Zealand is not far behind, demonstrating a robust interest in casino content that rivals many European nations, albeit with such a small comparative population.

However, a glaring gap in the data points to the absence of Latin American countries – specifically Brazil, Mexico, Ecuador and Chile. This omission is striking, given the vibrant gaming cultures in these regions. The data is heavily skewed towards Northern European countries, with these territories dominating the landscape.

This intriguing distribution of casino affiliate traffic highlights a significant opportunity for businesses looking to penetrate the Latin American market, a region that currently shows less representation in our data.

Recognising these patterns is vital for clients planning their market entry strategies and aiming to establish a foothold in areas brimming with potential. This data not only pinpoints where the demand exists but also identifies new markets where businesses can introduce their services to eager and growing audiences. is a unique affiliate website intelligence platform that helps affiliate programmes to make more money from existing affiliates, and to automate routine tasks. Affiliate managers can focus on sales and relationships and leave the detailed site analytics, detection of deal violations and opportunity analysis to DeepCI. Contact us at for a live snapshot of the data we have about your brands.

The post Affiliate tracker: Expanding into new markets first appeared on EGR Intel.


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