Beau Rivage Casino Would ‘Put Victim Back Together,’ Deranged Killer Hoped

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A Biloxi, Miss. man who stabbed a stranger 30 times, partially dismembering him and severing his arm, was caught as he attempted to haul his victim’s lifeless body to the nearby Beau Rivage Casino. The killer said he hoped someone at the casino could “put [the victim] together.”

Clint Brower at his sentencing hearing at Harrison County Circuit Court in Biloxi on Monday, June 3. He was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Micah Harrison in an RV Park laundromat in May 2020. (Image: SunHerald)

Clint Brower’s lawyer told a Mississippi circuit court that this pointed to the severe mental disturbance his client was suffering from when he attacked Micah Harrison, 41, in an RV Park laundromat in May 2020.

On Monday, Brower pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison for the crime.

Brutal Attack

Security video from the laundromat captured the incident, according to court filings. The two men were seen briefly exchanging words before Brower pulled a butcher’s knife from a bag and launched the shocking attack on Harrison, a father of one.

Brower told Judge Lisa Dodson Monday that he perceived Harrington as a threat who wanted to hurt him and others. The defendant has suffered from mental health problems since his teenage years, according to his lawyer.

After the attack, Brower went back to his trailer to change his clothes before returning to the laundromat. He tied a roped to Harrison’s body and dragged him outside with the intention of taking him to the Beau Rivage, around ten miles away. Witnesses called police and he was arrested shortly afterward.

Biloxi police had picked up Brower just hours before the killing on an outstanding warrant for disorderly conduct. But he had been released, and even driven back to the RV park.

Questions About Release

The families of both the perpetrator and the victim have questioned why police were so quick to release him when it was clear that he was mentally unwell. Cops said he was calm and lucid and did not appear to be a threat, according to court documents.

The victim’s family described Harrison as someone who had struggled with drug and alcohol addiction earlier in his life but had got clean and was now working in construction.

Harrison had turned his life around and was committed to taking care of his daughter, 20. He had recently purchased a camper trailer for her next to his so they could be closer.

Brower apologized to the family during his sentencing hearing: “I am truly sorry for what happened,” he said, as reported by local TV station WLOX. “I want you to know, it was beyond my control. That’s all I can say. I know y’all have grieved for his loss.”

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