Casino Crime Round Up: Oklahoma Casino Shooting Victim Hospitalized

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A person was shot in the leg on Saturday afternoon while in the parking lot at Osage Casino Hotel — Tulsa, according to local news reports.

Osage Casino Hotel — Tulsa, pictured above. A man was shot in the casino’s parking lot. (Image: Green Country Tourism)

The unnamed victim was rushed to a nearby hospital in Oklahoma for emergency treatment.

Authorities didn’t have an updated condition on his injuries. But they didn’t appear to be life-threatening.

The shooter remained on the loose as of Sunday. Police didn’t reveal if they have a suspect.

It was unclear what circumstances led to the shooting.

Local police were notified about the incident at about 2 p.m. Saturday.

Police officers likely searched the parking lot for physical evidence and possible witnesses to the crime. It’s unknown if officers checked surveillance video at the casino for clues on the suspect’s identity.

No one else was wounded in the incident.

Robber Sentenced to 14 Years

A defendant who robbed an elderly man of $6K after he won a jackpot at an Indiana casino was sentenced recently to 14 years behind bars.

Michael J. Brown, 59, of Indianapolis, Ind., was given the sentence last week after he pled guilty to robbery causing bodily injury, according to Indianapolis TV station WXIN.

On February 7. 2023, Brown began to follow the 84-year-old victim. The victim had won money at a blackjack table at Shelbyville’s Horseshoe Indianapolis Casino.

When the victim got to his residence some 30 miles from the gaming property, Brown asked for directions and requested a drink of water.

Brown approached the victim from behind and then pushed the man onto the driveway. He then repeatedly kicked him. The victim suffered head injuries. Brown grabbed the money before fleeing.

Police arrested Brown two days after the robbery. Officers got his description and the description of the getaway car after speaking to the victim.

Brown confessed to the crime and later pled guilty in court.

It’s hard for me to comprehend what a coward this defendant is. Not content to just rob a helpless senior citizen, he had to show his complete lack of humanity by kicking a fellow human in the head when he’s on the ground and helpless. Not just a thief, but a sadistic bully and a coward,” Johnson County Prosecutor Lance Hamner was quoted by WXIN.

“This is yet another example of criminals from other counties coming into our community to prey on our people. I’m sure he now realizes he tried this in the wrong county. He’s leaving today in a sheriff’s van to go spend more than a decade in a 7′ X 10′ steel cage. I hope he tells his friends.”

It was also revealed in court by a prosecutor that Brown was arrested for a 2004 robbery in Florida of an 84-year-old man.

Another Suspect Arrested After Cheating

Another suspect was arrested recently in a cheating scheme at Rivers Casino Pittsburgh.

Gabriella Bianco, of Pittsburgh, was charged with theft, knowing to manipulate a win, and conspiracy, according to Pennsylvania TV station WPXI.

She was a player in the cheating plot, according to the report. Other suspects were charged previously.

One was gaming floor roulette dealer, Robin Schnepp. Schnepp allegedly spun a ball in the same direction as the roulette wheel. That let players continue to improperly place bets.

Another suspect, Anthony Lausch, who was a gaming floor supervisor, okayed the spin which allowed players to collect on their illicit wins, authorities said.

Jack Mars III was still another player in the scheme, police said. He too was charged.

The cheating plot led the casino to lose more than $10K.

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