Crown Casino Perth Sees Woman Dead in Possible Murder-Suicide Attempt

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In an incident that unfolded at the Crown Towers hotel within the Crown Casino complex in Perth, Australia, a woman was discovered dead in a hotel room. Authorities are currently investigating the case as a potential attempted murder-suicide.

The Crown Towers Hotel in Perth, Australia at night. An apparent murder-suicide may have taken place in one of its hotel rooms Monday morning. (Image:

The discovery was made in one of the rooms at Crown Towers, a luxury hotel situated within Crown Resorts’ renowned Perth casino complex. A police spokesperson said that the incident occurred on Monday morning around 11:10.

It’s unclear who found the couple, although the timing suggests it may have been housekeeping personnel. Crown has prepared grief counselors for its employees and is assisting in the investigation.

Active Investigation

In addition to the deceased woman, who was reportedly in her 30s, police also found a man in his 40s in the same hotel room who sustained serious self-inflicted injuries. He was taken into custody and received medical treatment for his unspecified injuries at the Royal Perth Hospital.

Details surrounding the incident, including the names of the individuals involved, remain undisclosed by the authorities. The police have, however, indicated that the two individuals in question are likely to have known each other, adding an element of complexity to the ongoing investigation.

The tragic event has prompted heightened scrutiny of security measures within the Crown Casino complex, known for its luxury and high-profile clientele. The incident raises concerns about the safety and well-being of guests within the renowned establishment.

As the investigation unfolds, the focus is expected to shift toward uncovering the motive behind the incident and shed light on the relationship between the deceased woman and the man with self-inflicted injuries. The lack of official information regarding the case has left the public and the media eagerly awaiting updates from law enforcement.

The man hasn’t been formally charged with any crimes, although authorities detained him for questioning. More details of the events are forthcoming.

Overcoming Tragedies

Crown Casino is no stranger to controversies. The news of a potential attempted murder-suicide within its premises merely adds another layer of complexity to the establishment’s history.

One notable incident involved a high-stakes theft in which a group of individuals executed a sophisticated plan to pilfer a substantial sum from the casino. The perpetrators, displaying a level of meticulous planning, managed to exploit vulnerabilities in the casino’s security systems, leading to a significant loss.

Furthermore, the property faced public backlash following allegations of a culture of enabling domestic violence within its premises. Reports emerged from previous employees of instances where casino staff allegedly turned a blind eye to incidents of domestic violence, as well as drug use.

The whole of the Crown empire has been embroiled in a money laundering scheme that drew the scrutiny of law enforcement agencies, gaming regulators, and legislators across the country. Authorities uncovered a network of individuals using the casino to legitimize illicit funds through complex transactions.

The investigation revealed a sophisticated operation exploiting loopholes in financial regulations and reporting requirements. This prompted a reevaluation of the casino’s financial monitoring protocols.

That led to significant penalties for Crown, as well as a major shift in casino oversight across Australia. The shift is still in progress today.

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