ESCALATING SITUATION: Drunken Vegas Tourist Assaults Man While Attempting to Ascend Down Escalator

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A video that went viral this weekend appears to show an assault perpetrated by a man attempting to ascend a down escalator from a pedestrian walkway crossing the Las Vegas Strip.

The perpetrator, wearing the grey T-shirt on right, punches an innocent bystander in the head as he rides the escalator down from a pedestrian bridge adjacent to the Flamingo. (Image: X/Twitter/@lasvegaslocally)

Posted by the Twitter news source Las Vegas Locally on Friday, June 7, the video, captioned “The heat is getting to the tourists,” received 397,000 views as of Monday morning.

As the video begins, the person filming it seems amused by the unsteady man’s apparent inebriation.

“You can do it, buddy!” the cheers him on.

The mood quickly darkens, however, when the perp encounters the first group of people using the down escalator correctly. The video shows him violently shoving a man out of his way, then landing a solid left hook to his head.

“Oh, fucking A, man!” the narrator announces as a crowd of fellow onlookers echoes his disbelief.

Behind the male in white in the foreground, a man can be seen shoving the drunk into the escalator rail by his face. (Image: X/Twitter/@lasvegaslocally)

Another man descending behind the victim, who already knows what to expect, pushes the perp, by his face, into the railing before he has a chance to take a second swing.

Still, the drunk continues his uphill climb as another crowd gathers at the top of the escalator. Some in this crowd are watching, some are videoing. Most, quite sanely, refuse to use the escalator and become the next victim.

Except for a man and woman who apparently were not aware of the situation they had stepped into.

When the man finally realizes, he steps in front of the woman to defend her. Unpredictably, he receives a high five from the perp instead of another punch.

The video ends without a resolution. Las Vegas police did not return’s emails requesting information about the incident, which may have gone unreported.

Reaction to the video, predictably, ranged from outrage to amusement.

“I believe that dude would benefit from a knuckle sandwich,” commented @AB8TN

“Beta males I woulda whooped him right there if he pulled that shit with me,” added @tie_sheet_steel.

“Never skip leg day,” wrote @Nerdstradamus98.

“I’m more shocked at seeing an escalator on the Strip actually working,” added @DBrennanCYW

Click here to see the video for yourself and tell us what you think in the comments below.

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