Euro 2024 sports betting success demands ‘brilliant basics’

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In this article, brought to you by GiG, chief operating officer James Coxon talks to EGR about how the concept of ‘brilliant basics’ is crucial for driving success during the Euros
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EGR: With Euro 2024 about to produce a surge in summer sports betting, what is the concept of ‘brilliant basics’ in your product suite and why is it so important to your partners?

James Coxon (JC): The concept of ‘brilliant basics’ is fundamental to our approach and strategy. It’s about ensuring that the core elements of our product suite are not just functional but exceptional. This includes having a product that is reliable, user-friendly and efficient. When a customer wants to place a bet, they should be able to find the bet they want easily and quickly. Depositing funds should be seamless and problem-free. Signup processes should be painless and relevant. The entire betting experience needs to be reliable and enjoyable.

The brilliant basics concept is crucial because it builds trust and loyalty among our customers. When people know they can count on our platform to work flawlessly, they are more likely to return. It’s about creating a strong foundation that supports everything else we do. For instance, we’ve seen competitors struggle during key sporting events, which underscores the importance of reliability. We’ve made significant improvements and are continually working to enhance the system. This dedication to getting the basics right sets us apart and underpins our growth strategy.

EGR: What steps has GiG taken to address the challenges of reliability?

JC: Initially, we made sure that our platforms prioritise stability and performance during peak times, ensuring the user experience remains as seamless as possible. To tackle the problems of our competitors, we implemented a multifaceted approach: we upgraded the infrastructure to handle higher loads and introduced more robust testing protocols to identify and address potential issues before they affect users. Our revamped monitoring and alerting suite is one of the best I have seen in the industry to date.

Additionally, we’ve invested in customer support to ensure that any issues are resolved quickly and effectively. This involves not only technical improvements but also better training for our support staff. The result is a more resilient and responsive platform. While I wouldn’t say the challenges are ever fully surmounted, this mentality keeps us at the top of our game, and we’ve made significant strides to continue to improve. Our focus remains on making our service as seamless and reliable as possible, aligning with our commitment to “brilliant basics.”

EGR: It’s good to hear that you’re making progress. Moving on, how is GiG enhancing the breadth and depth of its offerings?

JC: Enhancing the breadth and depth of our offerings is another critical aspect of our strategy. We’re rapidly finalising an agreement with a leading global official sports data provider which will significantly enrich our content offering. Whether it’s this or other partnerships, the goal is to provide high-quality content that attracts and retains customers. This enriched content is crucial for generating higher GGR, which is a key metric for our success.

Moreover, we’re expanding our collaborations with third parties to diversify our product offerings further. For example, we’re working with BetMakers to enhance our horseracing products, a leading virtuals content provider to offer a wider range of virtual sports, and with Sportscast, the widely recognised leader in sports betting player engagement features. On the platform we’ve continually invested in adding leading content, integrating with Octoplay, Swintt, KA Gaming and Fazi over the last few weeks, to name a few.

These partnerships allow us to cater to a broader spectrum of player types and preferences, ensuring that we have something for everyone. It’s about creating a rich and varied experience that keeps customers engaged and satisfied, time after time.

EGR: Tell us more about your collaborations with BetMakers and Sportscast, and with virtual sports?

JC: Our collaboration with BetMakers focuses on enhancing our horseracing offerings. Horseracing is a significant market with a dedicated fanbase, and we want to ensure we provide the best possible experience for those customers.

Both BetMakers and our partnership with Sportscast brings a wealth of expertise and advanced technology across the widest possible number of sports, which allows us to offer more competitive odds, better insights and a more engaging betting experience.

Similarly, our partnership with the leading virtuals provider is aimed at expanding our virtual sports offerings. Virtual sports are growing in popularity, providing an exciting alternative to traditional sports betting or during times when there is a lull in traditional live events. We are partnering with the leaders in this space, and their products add a new dimension to our portfolio. These virtual sports offer quick, continuous betting opportunities, which are particularly appealing to younger audiences looking for fast-paced action. By integrating these high-quality virtual sports, we can attract and retain a different segment of the market.

EGR: How do these partnerships fit into your overall strategy of expanding into new jurisdictions?

JC: These partnerships are integral to our expansion strategy. We’re moving into four new jurisdictions this year – the UK, France, Spain and Switzerland – with our new platform offering, CoreX. Each of these markets has unique characteristics and regulatory requirements, so having a diverse and robust product suite is essential. By partnering with leading providers like BetMakers and others, we can ensure we meet the varied demands of these markets.

For instance, the UK has a well-established betting culture with specific preferences for certain sports and types of bets. By enhancing our horseracing offerings with BetMakers, we can appeal directly to that market. In contrast, virtual sports might be more popular in other regions where traditional sports betting is less dominant. Our strategy is to offer a tailored experience that resonates with the respective local audience while maintaining our commitment to quality and reliability. This tailoring is underpinned by our LogicX suite of AI functionality, allowing customer experiences to be relevant to them and their own unique behaviour.

EGR: Speaking of growth markets, what are your expectations for the UK, France, Spain and Switzerland with your enhanced product suite?

JC: We’re very excited about growth in these markets as each offers significant opportunities for GiG and our partners. The UK, as I mentioned, has a mature betting market with a strong demand for high-quality horseracing products. France and Spain also have vibrant sports cultures and we see a lot of potential in offering both traditional and virtual sports betting there over the long term. Switzerland is a bit different, with more stringent regulations, but it’s a lucrative market with a high potential for premium betting experiences.

Our strategy for these markets involves not just launching our existing products but also tailoring our offerings to meet local tastes and regulatory requirements. We’re working closely with local partners and regulatory bodies to ensure a smooth entry and compliance with all legal standards. The goal is to establish a strong presence and build a loyal customer base in each of these regions.

EGR: How do you see the second half of 2024 shaping up for GiG?

JC: The second half of 2024 is shaping up to be incredibly exciting for us. With the integration a major weapon for us, as well as enriched content from partnerships and our expansion into new jurisdictions, we’re poised for substantial growth. We’re particularly thrilled about the timing with Euro 2024. Major sporting events like the Euros provide a massive boost in engagement and betting activity. An ideal time for our partners to utilise our full suite of solutions, including turn-key managed services, to power the rest of their season.

Our goal is to leverage this momentum to showcase our enhanced platform and diverse product offerings. By providing a seamless and reliable experience, we aim to attract new customers and retain existing ones. The combination of our solid foundation, enriched content and strategic expansions puts us in an excellent position to capitalise on the opportunities ahead.

EGR: Ahead of the company spin-out, where lie the longer-term ambitions of the company?

JC: The future looks very bright. We’re committed to continuous improvement and innovation, making certain we stay ahead of the curve. Our focus on ‘brilliant basics’ ensures we provide a reliable and enjoyable experience, while our efforts to enhance breadth and depth mean we can cater to a wide range of customer preferences. The strategic expansions and partnerships we’re pursuing are all part of our vision to be a leading player in the global betting market. We’re excited about what’s to come and confident in our ability to achieve our goals.

James Coxon is chief operating officer at GiG. He leads operational excellence, fostering innovation, and contributing to the overall success of GiG. Notably serving at SBTech, Scientific Games and as vice-president of international at DraftKings, Coxon is a leading authority on online sports betting and is dedicated to creating a culture of continuous improvement, with a keen focus on maximising the profitability of GiG’s partners.

The post Euro 2024 sports betting success demands ‘brilliant basics’ first appeared on EGR Intel.


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