Former Evoplay exec unveils new investment fund

Vladimir Malakchi launches Xanada Investments with a focus on building relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs
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Former Evoplay chief commercial officer, Vladimir Malakchi, has launched a new investment fund named Xanada Investments.

The fund is targeting pre-seed, seed and Series A investment opportunities, with Malakchi serving as CEO and managing partner.

Xanada Investments is also aiming to connect with “leaders who resonate with [its] ethos”.

A mission statement from the business read: “The fund’s goal is to build an excellent ‘Xanadu-like’ business ecosystem, which will ideologically and strategically bond leaders into one community for the global idea of mutual prosperity.”

Malakchi left Evoplay in February after more than four years with the supplier, originally joining as chief business development officer in December 2019.

In March 2021, he was promoted to chief commercial officer, where he helped Evoplay expand into nine new markets while growing the commercial team from three people to 50.

Since the turn of the year, Malakchi has also been operating as an angel investor with the and Salesforge.

Speaking on the launch of the fund, the exec said he would aim to deliver a “community” aspect to the group’s investments as CEO.

He commented: “Our goal was to build not just an efficient investment fund, but a whole ecosystem of businesses, allowing each of its members to move towards their excellence together.

“Beyond typical investment resources, we offer a community that shares our business values, goals and philosophy. 

“Joining us means receiving not only funding, but a place for implementation and a community of like-minded people.”

The post Former Evoplay exec unveils new investment fund first appeared on EGR Intel.


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