GambleAware CEO “confident” statutory inquiry complaint will not be upheld

Zoë Osmond says Good Law Project accusation sent to Charity Commission is based on misleading and outdated information
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GambleAware CEO Zoë Osmond believes the statutory inquiry by the Charity Commission into the industry’s independent charity will not be upheld due to it being based on “misleading and outdated information”.

The complaint was lodged by the Good Law Project at the start of March, after PhD student Annie Ashton, who lost her husband to suicide following a gambling addiction, and head of the Coalition Against Gambling Ads, Will Prochaska, claimed the firm is too closely linked to the industry to be “properly charitable”.

In the 20-page complaint letter submitted to the Charity Commission in March, GambleAware was accused of failing to comply with its duties to advance “the provision of education about, and the prevention of, gambling harms”.

The letter used research and data going back 15 years in some cases, leading to Osmond pointing out that the complaint is based on old information, although some of the data came from studies within the past two years.

Believing the complaint will not be upheld, the CEO fears continued negative headlines for the charity are doing more harm than good for those who need help with gambling-related problems.

In a statement, Osmond said: “The complaint lodged to the Charity Commission by the Good Law project is based on misleading and outdated information.

“While we are confident that this complaint will not be upheld, we are deeply concerned that inaccurate headlines and misleading newspaper articles may have a damaging impact on our services and the people that rely on them.

“The deeply stigmatised nature of gambling harms often makes it difficult for individuals to reach out for help. Maintaining the credibility and reputation of essential support services is crucial to reaching people before their gambling issues become catastrophic.”

She continued: “Undermining these services, and the dedicated workers and experts who operate them, risks not only those directly relying on them but also the many indirectly affected by a loved one’s gambling problems.

“As gambling harms affect more people, it’s crucial for us all to come together to prevent and alleviate them. GambleAware remains focused on our mission to prevent gambling harms and provide vital support to those affected.

“We appreciate the continued trust and support from our stakeholders and the public, and we urge anyone experiencing harm to reach out.”

GambleAware is currently funded by a statutory levy from operators which is rumoured to rise to 1% from its current 0.1% level.

Osmond previously spoke to EGR about the allegations, refuting the complaint and calling them “baseless and highly damaging”.

The post GambleAware CEO “confident” statutory inquiry complaint will not be upheld first appeared on EGR Intel.


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