GamCare calls for improved gambling support in workplaces

Charity makes recommendation after YouGov research finds less than one in 10 people claim their offices have policies related to supporting those suffering from gambling-related harm
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Gamcare has urged workplaces to create safer spaces for employees to discuss gambling-related harm following fresh research from YouGov which suggested existing support systems are lacklustre.

This summer sees several major sporting events including the Paris Olympics, Euro 2024 and Copa America all taking place over the next few weeks.

With matches and races taking place during typical UK working hours, the gambling support charity has called on offices to open up areas and direct employees to help if needed.

YouGov research of more than 5,000 adults found 9%, or around one in 10 respondents, said their place of work had policies for those impacted by gambling.

However, 47% said their workplaces had policies in place to help those affected by mental health, 17% said there were policies for alcohol misuse and 15% said there was support available for drug misuse.

Data also showed 28% of respondents who gamble at “harmful” levels said they would tell their employer, while 57% said they would tell their friends and 42% said they would tell their family.

Furthermore, when surveying those who were impacted by someone else’s gambling, 35% of people said they would feel confident telling their employer while 49% said they would tell family and 60% said they would tell friends.

As a result of the research findings, GamGare has published a five-step plan for organisations to be able to offer greater support for gambling.

The first is to introduce HR policies that highlight there are spaces to discuss gambling issues, the same way there are spaces for issues involving drugs, alcohol and mental health.

Secondly, GamCare suggests making sure line managers are aware of the National Gambling Helpline and equipped with the information needed to support staff impacted by gambling.

The next step is workplaces creating supportive networks internally while encouraging more internal learning opportunities to aid towards reducing the stigma linked to gambling and gambling-related harm.

Workplaces are also encouraged to consider the impact competitions such as lotteries or sweepstakes have on employees, while finally understanding that people don’t have to gamble themselves to be going through related harm – they could be indirectly affected by someone they know.

Samantha Turton, GamCare head of remote support services, said workplaces being supportive of those who gamble would be a “win-win” for all involved.

She explained: “Gambling is often referred to as the ‘hidden’ addiction, where it’s often more difficult to spot the signs of an issue than drink or drugs.

“This is why it’s even more important to create channels where people can discuss issues that may come from it, and workplaces are a fantastic place where this can be done in a safe and supportive way.

“Last year we saw steps for more GPs to ask questions from patients around gambling, which is an important step forward.

“We believe workplaces could be the next place to create more awareness about gambling and could be a win-win for organisations and staff, with people feeling more supported and engaged at work, and organisations benefitting from a happier, healthier workforce.

“In the most severe cases, it can even help prevent against gambling-related crime at work, which can protect both employees and their businesses,” Turton added.

The post GamCare calls for improved gambling support in workplaces first appeared on EGR Intel.


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