How Gold Blitz is setting the benchmark for Games Global content

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Gold Blitz Extreme™ follows in the footsteps of Games Global’s most successful title, Gold Blitz™, developed by MahiGaming’s Fortune Factory Studios. In this article, brought to you by Games Global, chief product officer Andy Booth outlines what has allowed this series to have performed so strongly  

For any sequel, there is pressure to not only be as good as the first iteration, both creatively and financially, but also the expectation for it to outperform the original. And this is certainly the case with Gold Blitz Extreme.

The original Gold Blitz title, released in December 2022, saw amazing success, going live with more than 800 brands in key regulated markets.

Fortune Factory Studios came to an agreement with Gameburger Studios, allowing for it to employ the Gold Blitz feature in Fishin’ Pots of Gold: Gold Blitz, paving the way for future collaborations and widening the scope for continued success of our studios.

Utilising the engine from the popular slot Mask of Amun, the studio spent considerable time and effort capturing the essence of what made Gold Blitz so loved. That familiarity plays a huge part in ensuring the success of Gold Blitz Extreme, especially when coupled with new and engaging content. There is always a fine balance to strike between old and new, and it is imperative to get it right.

Upping the ante for players

Key to ensuring Gold Blitz Extreme maximised player experiences was the integration of new features and mechanics, particularly the inclusion of Rising Rewards jackpots.

These jackpots, which increase as players progress through the game, are synonymous with content from games developer MahiGaming, and since we first included this jackpot in Fire & Roses Joker, the mechanic has gained incredible momentum.

The addition of a jackpot feature in Gold Blitz Extreme provides a truly immersive entertainment experience, with a first-person perspective as they collect cash prizes and at least one guaranteed jackpot prize.

Our industry thrives on innovation and creativity but a game is nothing without a strong and reliable math model.

When people think of Gold Blitz they think of a title filled with energy and excitement and these feelings and emotions transcend all demographics. When combined with a next-level math model, it has all the ingredients to be a surefire success.

Unsurprisingly, Gold Blitz enjoyed tremendous success in key regulated markets including the UK, Italy and Spain.

Success stemming from data

Successful slots should be grounded in data, and this is something we live and breathe at Games Global. Data is the foundation to the success of any future title as we try and ascertain what has proved to be popular with players.

The use of intricate data sets reduces the risk of releasing a title that underperforms. One of the biggest challenges in content development is creating a game that hits all the marks for players time and again. This requires a deep understanding of player behaviours and preferences, which can be aided greatly by data.

Reinforcing this is the fact that we have created several bespoke iterations of Gold Blitz for various customers, tailored to their respective brand and player base.

With any franchise where we see success, we want to maximise opportunities for customers by giving their players the opportunity to engage with what we consider truly outstanding content. There shouldn’t be an assumption that a series will work just because the prequel was popular. Ultimately, suppliers need to have rock-solid evidence that the audience wants another game like it.

We can of course make predictions as to how a game might perform, but it is only when a game gets into the player’s hands that your expectations and ambitions come true. This will then provide you with the insight needed to see if there is potential for a follow-up.

Striving for longevity

If somebody had the correct answer to how you should go about creating a slot series that would stand the test of time, their insight would be worth a lot of money. This is what all studios and content suppliers are striving for, and unfortunately there is no easy answer.

Evaluating findings from all previous content released, even when it’s from a distinct group of titles, should always be a pre-requisite. Building on the game’s strengths and actively improving on any weaknesses is key to a successful series.

The most important factor in a game’s success is player feedback. Until a title is given the recognition it needs from the audience, we will continue on our quest to create content that resonates.

You are only as good as your last game, and the team at Fortune Factory Studios and MahiGaming are constantly striving to make that next hit and the next big winner.

Andrew Booth is a prominent leader in the igaming industry, raising benchmarks with his drive for continuous performance improvement and a focus on data-driven decisions. As chief product officer at Games Global, he leads on the overall game and product marketing strategy, striving to inspire through his expertise and strategic direction. Booth has over a decade of leadership experience in the igaming industry and is passionate about delivering the best games and entertainment experience to customers and players.


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