Kick Gambling Streamer xQc Kicked Out of Canadian Casino

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Popular online streamer xQc, known for his gambling and video game content, recently found himself on the receiving end of a losing proposition. The digital realm collided with the real world for the controversial personality, who not long ago jumped from Twitch to Kick in a 9-figure deal, when he was kicked out of a Canadian casino.

Streamer xQc giving the thumbs up in a streaming session. He has allegedly been banned from all gambling in Canada’s Québec province. (Image: xQc via Twitch)

In a twist to what was supposed to be a celebratory weekend, xQc, whose real name is Félix Lengyel, found himself at odds with the real-world consequences of his digital exploits. The Canadian streamer, known for his entertaining gaming content, took to social media to share the unexpected turn of events. In a post on X (formerly Twitter), he and his family had visited the casino to celebrate his birthday, but their plans took an unforeseen detour when security personnel approached and, in his words, “dragged” him out.

The details surrounding xQc’s expulsion remained shrouded in mystery until the streamer pressed the casino’s security for an explanation. It was then that he discovered he had been blacklisted from gambling anywhere in Québec.

A Preemptive Strike

The ban extended beyond the physical casino to include all forms of provincial gambling, including iGaming and the lottery. The reason behind this sweeping prohibition, as xQc learned, traced back to an article that surfaced in Radio Canada last year.

The article claimed that xQc had admitted to a gambling addiction, prompting the province to take preemptive action and implement the ban. It also discussed the case of a local man, and suggested xQc was responsible for his gambling addiction.

Enneric Chabot, a Quebec City resident, had been following xQc for years when, in 2021, he caught an episode of the streamer gambling on Chabot had allegedly never gambled before and decided to open an account on the gambling platform after watching his favorite streamer.

From there, after starting off with several big wins, Chabot was hooked. Eventually, he developed a gambling problem and, after falling deeper into debt, filed for bankruptcy.

The incident has ignited discussions among fans and the gaming community at large, raising questions about the intersection of online entertainment and real-world consequences. xQc, who has built a substantial following for his gaming antics on platforms like Twitch and now Kick, faces the implications of his public persona bleeding into his personal life.

xQc Jumps on the Kick Bandwagon

Kick, which is partially owned by, has proudly announced that it will spend big money to attract streaming talent. It backed up the claim several months ago when it signed xQc to a lucrative content agreement that could be worth as much as $100 million.

The foundation of the nonexclusive agreement is a $70-million payday for xQc that can grow to $100M (or more, based on offhanded comments the streamer has made) over two years if he meets certain milestones. The deal not only underscores the growing influence and value of top-tier content creators, but also highlights the intense competition among streaming platforms vying for exclusive partnerships.

The nonexclusivity of the agreement means that xQc can continue to deliver content through Amazon-owned Twitch, as well. There, he reportedly makes a minimum of $3.4 million a year as a base salary, not including his sponsorship deals.

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