Lisa Marie’s Presley’s Signature on Graceland Loan is a Fake, Handwriting Expert Tells Us

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Elvis’ home is safe — at least according to Bart Baggett. The LA-based handwriting expert told that Lisa Marie Presley’s signature — allegedly affixed to an application for a $3.8 million loan that she received but never repaid, using Graceland as collateral — is a big, fat fake.

In a YouTube video, handwriting expert Bart Baggett notes the indistinguishability of two supposedly different Lisa Marie Presley signatures (Image: YouTube)
Lisa Marie Presley poses next to her childhood crib at Graceland in 2012. (Image: Associated Press)

“The most obvious indicators of fraud are the cut-and-paste signatures on the deed of trust,” Baggett explained. “These signatures are simply photocopies of the signature appearing on the loan document.”

Lisa Marie Presley, the only child of Elvis, inherited Graceland when she turned 25. Upon her death in January 2023, the iconic 13-acre estate, and the museum that operates it, were transferred to her daughter, actress Riley Keough, through a trust.

Though a foreclosure auction was scheduled to take place today, Keough succeeded in getting a temporary injunction blocking it by filing a civil lawsuit on Tuesday. In her filing, Keough claimed that her mother’s signature was forged.

Baggett corroborates her claim, telling us that “when two signatures are identical, they can’t be authentic because no one in the world has the ability to sign their name exactly the same way twice, let alone three times.”

Riley Keough eulogizes her mother, Lisa Marie Presley, in front of Graceland on Jan. 22, 2023. (Image: Page Six)

Suspicious Minds

Naussany Investments & Private Lending LLC, a company owned by financier Kurt Naussany, posted a public notice for a foreclosure sale on Graceland earlier this month. That notice claimed title to Graceland because, it claimed, because Lisa Marie’s loan was never repaid.

In her suit, Keough claims her mother never borrowed any money from Naussany Investments, which it alleges “is not a real entity.”

In addition, according to Keough’s suit, the notary listed on the loan document is willing to testify that she never met Lisa Marie or notarized any documents for her.

Indeed, Bagget told that, “based on available samples, the notary signatures are profoundly different,” although he added that “to make an official forensic conclusion, I would have to get many samples of the notary’s genuine signature.”

According to TMZ, the fraudsters’ attempt to foreclose on Graceland is about to become the subject of multiple criminal investigations.

Baggett, a court-qualified handwriting expert and owner of Handwriting Experts, Inc., has consulted police on some of the most controversial handwriting cases in the past 20 years. These include the 2011 murder of Rebecca Zahau, a Burmese-American woman whose body was found hanging in the San Diego beach house of her boyfriend.

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