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In this article, brought to you by VentureMax, CEO Justin Anastasi shares his insights on company culture, startups and innovation in the industry, as well as delving into his diverse career background
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VentureMax invests in high-potential ventures, providing strategic guidance and long-term support to pre-seed and seed-stage investments. 

Based in Malta, the firm’s primary focus is on achieving significant financial growth by offering industry-leading products and solutions to the igaming industry. It also aspires to be a leading force in identifying and nurturing high-potential ventures across diverse industries, empowering entrepreneurs and companies with exceptional ideas. 

VentureMax is the investment wing of the Malta-based VentureMax Group which operates within the igaming sector.

EGR: VentureMax’s website describes the business as not just a company but a ‘movement’. What does that involve?

Justin Anastasi (JA): VentureMax is looking to do things a little bit differently. Companies similar to ours are often more focused on businesses that have significant revenues already. While we’re open to that type of investment, we’re more interested in individuals who are primarily starting up or are driven by an idea that will disrupt the status quo.

To achieve this, we have brought – and are still bringing – very seasoned leaders on board, to identify and then nurture these high-potential people and their ideas. With our help, they can build on the industry of today and shape the one of tomorrow, while we support them through their entire journey.

EGR: You joined VentureMax as Group CEO last October. What attracted you to the company and how does your vision of success align with the ethos of VentureMax? 

JA: I was actually introduced to VentureMax through other clients of mine back in my first consultancy. So yes, networking works and that’s something I pride myself on being able to do well.

What attracted me to the business was the synergies between who I am intrinsically and the ambitions of our shareholders. I’m someone who likes to make an impact, effect positive change, drive innovation and I thrive on working with people. VentureMax is likewise very much in line with that, with a focus on driving innovative change in our industry through people. We were a great fit for each other.

EGR: With your background in HR, how can companies ensure they have the right company culture in place?

JA: The ‘right company culture’ is a broad statement. It really is more about having the right culture for you and your business.

Everything depends on what you’re trying to achieve. No two companies are the same, in the same way no two leaders or people are the same, especially when you consider hopes, dreams, goals and ways of getting to where you want to be.

So, a really important starting point would be to start tackling company culture through an understanding of what is right for you and what is right for your business.

The trick is to then find people who already advocate for the same things your brand will, such as the same values and culture, as opposed to someone who has to be moulded to your company’s ways of operating.

After which, having a process or conversations that are really genuine and raw, which align with all the above, is the key to building a culture that is best suited to what you want to achieve.

EGR: In a very crowded industry, do you think there are still opportunities for new startups? What advice would you give a new company looking for investment and what makes an effective pitch? 

JA: There is still a lot of time for starters in any industry. If you’re going to go into the space and you’re competing in a marketplace that is already established, the key is to bring something unique to the sector. If it’s not unique, then it should be competitive in a way that the competition can’t really compete with.

There are instances where some companies become so big for their boots that they might not worry about the needs or problems of clients they deem too small to support, so they don’t fully serve or fix them. But that’s where a startup with a tighter focus can step in.

As for advice, I suggest being humble enough to understand that we don’t all know everything and are as good as we are; success is easier when it’s a shared and collective focus. You might be an expert in something, sure, but no one’s an expert in everything.

Understand what you do well and be clear and honest with a potential investor about which areas you’ll need help with.

I also have a great belief in potential. When I look at investing in a business, or in someone’s idea, it doesn’t necessarily always have to be just a numbers game; it’s also about hunger, ambition, drive and passion. Those are the qualities I definitely want to see.

EGR: Looking ahead, do you have any predictions for the igaming industry in terms of trends and further technological innovation?

JA: We’re probably going to continue to see a lot of consolidation across the board.

The industry is also going to be looking a lot at the adoption of machine learning and how that impacts every aspect of the business.

This will particularly be in relation to speed and the ability to develop products at pace to adapt quickly to ever-changing market demands.

As for specific technology, virtual reality, possibly in sportsbook, may well make a big industry breakthrough soon because it will offer players a thrilling experience that puts them at the heart of the action they’re betting on.

Furthermore, technology that gets you closer to the customer will become increasingly important – because the stronger your relationship is with your customers, the more chance you have of bringing success and growth.

As CEO of VentureMax, Justin Anastasi exemplifies a unique blend of igaming expertise, HR knowledge and entrepreneurial skills when driving innovation in the gaming and technology sectors. He previously founded, and was CEO of, We Consult You, a boutique HR consultancy for businesses. He was also chief people officer at online casino operator Avento MT. In addition to VentureMax, Anastasi is CEO of Greighter, a Malta-based angel investment venture. 

The post Maximising every venture first appeared on EGR Intel.


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