NetEnt’s Therese Hillman: ‘We’re always looking for brands that fit’

NetEnt’s Therese Hillman: ‘We’re always looking for brands that fit’

Games providers are looking for that extra push to make their offering more attractive to customers, and that often comes down to branding. NetEnt recently showed they’re key players in this space by revealing two new eye catching offers, and CEO Therese Hillman joined’s Becky Liggero to talk about it.

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NetEnt has come out swinging in 2019, announcing several new brands for their games. They’ve secured the rights to Conan the Barbarian, paving the way for slots games where players can crush their enemies, see them driven before them, and hear the lamentation of the women.
They’ve also announced they’ll be producing a slots game based on Black Sabbath rock star Ozzy Osbourne, giving players a fun musical twist to their gaming experience. Hillman talked about the rollout of these two new games:
“At the very beginning it was a little bit slower than we expected I think and everybody was waiting for the second brand. I think Conan is a great brand and its perfect for a slot game. But I think the next Ozzy is something, you know, very special.”
Choosing new brands for their games is actually a bit of a process, but one that NetEnt has proven quite adept at, with offerings like Jumanji and Planet of the Apes. “They give us the freedom to work with the brand, so when we’re looking for brands, we’re looking for brands that we can work together with,” Hillman explained, “And we can do our own twists with their brand and they work with us. So it has to fit. So we’re always looking for brands that fit, both with the slot games but also with NetEnt.”
The path forward for NetEnt continues to rely on a heavy focus on games, and making them the best offerings in the industry. Hillman emphasized that point. “I think again, it’s about the games,” she said. “It’s coming up with the most innovative games, the best games, the most entertaining games. It’s all about games. Improving our mobile live casino offering and live casino offering in total. And I think it’s this ongoing improvement of everything we do.”
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