Qatar 2022 World Cup Has Sportsbooks Scrambling to Attract Customers

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Qatar 2022 World Cup Has Sportsbooks Scrambling to Attract Customers

The most anticipated soccer event for fans and bettors is getting closer. The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is approaching quickly, and sports gambling operators are offering better and new experiences to their users.

2022 World Cup
2022 World Cup
A replica of the World Cup trophy on display in front of a 2022 World Cup sign in Russia. The world’s biggest soccer competition is coming in November and sportsbooks are enhancing their options to attract bettors. (Image: Shutterstock)

The event, which millions of fans around the world are following, means sports betting will play prominently this November and December. It could be the perfect opportunity for sportsbooks to gain a superior edge over the competition.

In the last World Cup, held in Russia, FIFA reported that in terms of global turnover, bettors wagered about €136 billion (US$137.8 billion).

The average was €2.1 billion (US$2.12 billion) per game.

Bigger Than the NFL

The NFL always means big money for sportsbooks, but mostly in the US and in other select markets. Soccer, on the other hand, draws attention across the globe.

In the wake of the betting craze, platforms have been reinventing themselves in order to reach new users. Currently, many bettors have the possibility of wagering on all kinds of situations that arise during the match.

They can bet on how many corner kicks the match will have, what time the first goal will be scored, who will score it, and how many goals the match will have. In addition, operators offer the possibility of modifying and closing the bets so that users can withdraw their money at the time they want.

Operators know what’s at risk and what they have to do to grow. So, while attracting new users will always be a goal, they’re now focusing more on retention campaigns. This way, they can ensure their customers don’t start looking for alternatives.

To that end, many sports betting operators are creating “premium” experiences, although their definitions vary. These could offer improved prices and cash-out options. For the latter, one possibility that’s becoming increasingly frequent is the possibility for bettors to withdraw their winnings at any time.

In addition, there will likely be guaranteed promotions every day of the World Cup. In competitive markets, there will be free bets, improved odds, and fair payments on offer to obtain and retain users.

Regulators will be paying more attention to sports betting, too. It has become apparent that watchdogs everywhere are taking a greater interest in responsible gambling than they ever have. As such, operators can expect their every move to be under observation.

Betting On the Winner

For now, Brazil, France, and England head the list of the top contenders for the title. Brazil, where the future of legal sports betting remains a mystery, is getting around +450 to take the title at most books, including at Caesars and DraftKings. France is getting +550, and England is looking at around +600 to +700.

It’s not too early to place a bet on the outright winner. A soccer fan and social media personality in Mexico thinks he has the winning formula, which he shared with anyone who wants it.

Jesus Elizondo, according to BolaVIP, is a formidable walking encyclopedia of soccer stats. He determined who would win the World Cup through a “simple process” of elimination.

First to go were all the teams whose coaches are not from the countries they represent. Next, any team outside the top 20 is out because no such team has ever won.

Teams who exited before the quarterfinals in the previous World Cup have never won, so they’re out as well. This whittled down the list even more, leaving France, Uruguay, Brazil, and England.

France can’t win, either, according to Elizondo. This is because the winner of the Ballon d’Or fails to see his country’s team achieve victory in the following World Cup. Since many soccer fans think Karim Benzema will take the honors when the winner is announced in October, the French squad is out of the running.

Uruguay is out, according to Elizondo, because no team qualifying through CONMEBOL games has scored less than 1.5 goals and gone on to win the World Cup. With Brazil and England the only two teams remaining, the final selection is easy.

Brazil is number one in the FIFA rankings. No top team has ever won a World Cup the same year. Therefore, he says, England is going to take the victory.

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