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Titan Casino, PokerOne Review providing detailed analysis.

If you’ve caught onto the poker craze like most of the world, you’re probably still looking for a place to call your poker home. To aid you in your search, we’ve provided a detailed analysis of Titan Poker so you can make an informed decision. Keep in mind however that this is a snapshot of this poker site and if you have more criteria by which you judge to find your poker home, make sure the site meets all of your criteria. TitanPoker.com is a poker website that is both safe and secure for players to come and enjoy their favorite card games. With a wide variety of games for the card lover, Titan Poker’s website is backed by a guarantee of fair play and game integrity. Unlike other poker sites, you can rest assured that your play is secure against any attempts to change the results of any given game. Titan Poker boasts that their security measures are top notch in every aspect from payouts to keeping confidential information, confidential. Titan Poker offers players extremely generous promotions where you can participate in tournaments with large purses, and win seats at big money tournaments. Unlike many of the other poker sites, Titan Poker doesn’t endorse a large number of professional poker players; instead regular online players such as yourself represent Titan at live poker events. Furthermore, Titan Poker accommodates players who frequent their site by offering many different languages as well as the option to maintain your balance in a variety of currencies, making it ideal for European poker players.

Titan Poker Software
The software at TitanPoker.com is provided by Playtech, one of the best European software providers in the business. With Playtech, Titan Poker has the unique ability to provide players with the wonderful mishmash of both poker and casino software for online use. Their colorful interface is visually appealing and is just as easy to use as most other online poker software. With special options like a four-color deck of cards for players with problems distinguishing the suits, Titan Poker has thought of virtually everything your online poker player could want.
Titan Poker offers many special features that allow it to stand out from its poker contemporaries, among them are player notes, which allows you to quickly jot down notes on a player’s style, tells, and level of skill. While only a bonus feature, it stands out as a great way to get to know your opponents. Best of all is that each time you encounter this player your notes will be made visible to you. This isn’t the only option however, Titan also offers buddy lists so you can keep track of your poker buddies, transaction history in real time so you always know what your account looks like, and even game history in real time so you can immediately see mistakes you’ve made and correct them while the game is still going. The one flaw that can be found in the Titan software options is the player’s inability to choose their position at the table. You can choose your avatar, but you must be positioned wherever the software places you. Although this is the smallest of flaws, it is something that many players feel offers them a strategic advantage over their opponents. To make up for this, Titan Poker offers its players the option to stop the ‘all in’ button as well as a hand strength indicator to help you know when to act and when to fold. With basic system requirements of Windows ’98 or better (including Vista), Titan Poker is compatible for just about all computer systems. The one area where Titan Poker seems to fall short is game variety. While most hardcore poker fans will enjoy the option of playing Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi-Lo, Omaha Hi, 5 Card Stud, and 7 Card Stud, newbies may want more variety. There are some casino games available, but not enough to attract you to the site if you’re looking for a wider variety of card and casino games.
To make up for what they lack in games Titan Poker offers tons of daily tournaments, but you’ll have to check because most of the tournaments are no-limit Texas Hold’em. Titan offers freeroll tournaments, points tournaments based on Titan’s point system, as well as special even tournaments. They also offer VIP tournaments for VIP players as well as guaranteed prize tournaments, which tend to fill up fast. Overall Titan offers a good amount of options for poker games and tournaments, but their casino options leave much to be desired.

Titan Poker Bonuses
Titan Poker Bonus Code offers great bonuses, particularly for new players. If you’re new to Titan Poker, they are offering a 200% matching bonus up to $2000 or $3000 FREE Poker Bonus for regular New Players! Unlike many other poker sites however, this bonus is easy to get with regular play, where you can average up to $10 each day you play. They also offer a popular bad beat bonus for players unfortunate enough to find themselves on the wrong end of a winning hand. The catch is that this bonus is difficult to obtain since you have to be beaten by KKKK or better in order to qualify. It’s a rarity, but when it inevitably happens, you can get up to $250 in bonus cash.

Traffic,Titan Poker
At TitanPoker.com, you should never have a problem finding a game. Whether it’s heads up, cash, sit n go, or tournaments, during peak hours there are plenty of tables buzzing. With players all over the world, there is never a dull moment at Titan Poker Review. If you’re looking for a cash game they are rarer to find on Titan than tournaments, but during peak times you won’t have trouble getting a cash game. Traffic on Titan Poker has been growing steadily as their awesome bonus offers and point systems have brought in new players in droves.

Competition,Titan Poker
If you’re looking for stiff competition, Titan Poker review may not be the poker home for you as most of the players can only be described as mediocre. Because of the increase in traffic, there are more quality players on Titan but don’t expect anything more than passive poker players playing fairly conservatively. If you’re hunting for fish, Titan Poker is a predator’s dream.

Customer Service,Titan Poker
In terms of customer service, Titan Poker is among the best. Titan’s customer service is available around the clock through email, phone, and live chat. All of your questions can be answered by the competent personnel quickly and effectively. Their overall support can be qualified as excellent, but phone and email will yield the best results.

Deposit Options,Titan Poker
In an effort to be versatile for many players in many different countries, Titan Poker offers a wide selection of deposit options. You can use credit cards on Titan, but some restrictions prohibit certain countries from using credit cards for online poker sites. To deal with this, Titan offers players many ways to deposit and withdraw money from their account.

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Titan Casino

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