Traffic Lab CEO and founder to depart in June after 10 years

Sebastian Agerskov confirms decision to exit frontline to focus on family and health, with CCO Peter Gunni set to step up to the top job
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Traffic Lab CEO Sebastian Agerskov will step down next month after 10 years of leading the Danish affiliate.

Agerskov, who founded Traffic Lab in 2014, has served as the company’s CEO since its inception.

He will officially depart on 27 June and will be replaced by Traffic Lab chief commercial officer (CCO) Peter Gunni.

Gunni joined the Copenhagen-headquartered firm in February 2017 as head of social media before stepping up to become chief marketing officer in September 2018.

The exec became CCO in July 2022 where he oversaw four subdepartments during his tenure.

Agerskov’s decision to step away from the frontline is related to his desire to prioritise his family and health, along with his plans to engage in new projects.

The announcement comes after a strong 12 months for the business, which included an undisclosed M&A deal, the opening of a new office in Copenhagen and further development of its machine learning tool, RALPH.

Traffic Lab also rose to 10th place in this year’s EGR Power Affiliates Rankings having jumped from 18th to 14th in 2023.

Taking to LinkedIn, Agerskov said: “I am incredibly proud of what started off as a two man show back in 2014, has become today. Not only have we succeeded in becoming one of the leading igaming affiliates in the world, but we have done so, with our own hands and without the help of external financing.

“This is all due to the relentless efforts and talented people within the organisation, whom I am going to miss dearly stepping out of the daily operations.

“The decision has not been easy, but I have to honour the pact that I made with my wife 10 years ago, which meant, that she would not ask questions whether when, or how much I worked, as long as it was ‘just’ for 10 years. Now is the time to set my priorities right that my family, wife and son will go first,” he added.

A Traffic Lab spokesperson said: “Sebastian’s decision to step back as CEO marks not just the end of an era but the beginning of a new chapter filled with opportunity and growth. 

“His dedication to family, health and personal fulfilment serves as a reminder that true success is measured not just in professional achievements but in the balance and happiness we find in all aspects of our lives. 

“As Traffic Lab charts its course forward with a new CEO, Sebastian’s legacy of leadership and integrity will continue to inspire and guide the company towards ever greater heights.

“While his role may change, his commitment to the company’s mission and vision remains steadfast, ensuring a seamless transition and continued growth.”

The post Traffic Lab CEO and founder to depart in June after 10 years first appeared on EGR Intel.


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