UK Lottery: Fourth Multimillion-Dollar Ticket Claimed in a Month

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UK Lottery: Fourth Multimillion-Dollar Ticket Claimed in a Month

As US lottery players scramble to see if they have the winning numbers in the delayed $2.04-billion Powerball lottery draw, there’s a winner ready to claim another big prize somewhere in England. A recent Lotto draw had only one matching ticket, and the holder can now scoop up his or her £3.8-million (US$4.39 million) prize.

UK National Lottery sign
UK National Lottery sign
A UK National Lottery sign sits outside a lottery shop. Four winners have received millions of pounds in the past month, with the latest taking home £3.8 million in the November 5 draw. (Image: Sky News)

The Lotto draw from November 5 resulted in only one matching ticket, which is good news for the holder. The UK National Lottery confirmed that the winner has already made contact and is ready to receive the prize.

The recent US Powerball, which had a single winning ticket bought in Altadena, Calif., was one of the largest in any lottery. It continued to grow as no one found the secret formula to select the correct numbers. Meanwhile, the UK’s National Lottery’s Lotto has awarded four jackpots in less than 30 days.

Multimillion-Dollar Holidays

The latest winner, whose identity hasn’t yet been revealed, is now going through the identification process before being able to collect the money. Camelot, which still operates the National Lottery, didn’t mention when the process will be complete.

The latest win follows a steady series of jackpots that players have pocketed since early October. The prizes couldn’t come at a better time for the recent winners, who now have more reasons to celebrate the holidays.

On October 8, someone took home £4 million (US$4.63 million) in a Lotto draw, which was followed by a £2 million (US$2.31 million) jackpot on October 12. Next, on November 2, the top payout, the biggest so far in the final quarter, was £12.8 million (US$14.81 million).

The November 2 draw was in the Lotto’s “Must Be Won” lottery, which forced a prize to be awarded. In the two draws this month, more than 2.3 million people received payouts.

Lucky in Lotto, Unlucky in Love

Winning a big lottery prize can open up a lot of new doors. However, it doesn’t always open up all of them. One lucky winner bagged a huge lottery prize and could buy anything he wanted, but still can’t seem to find someone with whom to share his good fortune.

In an interview with German media outlet Bild, “Kürsat Y.” explained that he had routinely won €1,000 (US$1,000), sometimes even €3,000 (US$3,000). However, landing almost €10 million (US$10 million) in the lottery on September 22 was the real deal.

Still, the 41-year-old still hasn’t found all the happiness he expected. He quit his job and was able to buy luxury cars and expensive clothes and jewelry with his newfound fortune. However, there’s a void in Kürsat’s life, and he admitted that he wants to fall in love. He told the media outlet that he doesn’t care if she’s blonde or brunette – he just hopes to find someone with whom he can start a family.

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