US set for new National Voluntary Self-Exclusion Programme via RG startup

Underdog-backed idPair to roll out new register this summer, starting in New England, to allow users to block gambling websites across all states
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Responsible Gambling startup idPair is set to launch a US National Voluntary Self-Exclusion Programme (NVSEP) in New England this summer, before rolling out the scheme across the country later this year.

The NVSEP allows users to self-exclude from online gambling websites and apps in all states and updates them when new states are added to the programme.

The scheme also provides users with resources if they have any concerns about their gambling.

The company said the launch was guided by two concepts, with the first being individuals requiring “seamless access” to a self-exclusion register “irrespective of geographical location”.

The second point idPair noted was the need for a “single portal of current regulatory information and evolving public health resources”.

Pending regulatory and other approvals, idPair plans to follow launching in New England , which encompasses Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, by expanding in both the north and south of the country later this year.

The business has said it is encouraging state regulators to engage with the initiative, while state-specific self-exclusion schemes do not need to be altered to join the NVSEP.

Jonathan Aiwazian, idPair CEO, said this had previously been a key detail that has halted the advancement of player protection in the past.

Aiwazian explained: “The current state programmes will coexist with the new option, giving consumers the flexibility to exclude from as many or as few states and products as they choose, including both land-based and online gambling.

“While current self-exclusion protections don’t travel, people do, and we look forward to working with more states to use technology to provide a more comprehensive level of protection for those who need it most,” he added.

Marlene Warner, Massachusetts Council on Gaming and Health CEO, remarked that New England has needed a self-exclusion programme and called on more states to use idPair’s safer gaming technology.

Warner added: “A national programme has been needed for a long time, and I am thrilled that New England has the potential to lead the way with this remarkable step forward to a more seamless approach to voluntary self-exclusion.

“With the NVSEP, individuals will soon have a unified platform for seeking help and support across the entire United States and receiving up-to-date information as it’s needed.

“I encourage all state gaming regulators to join this initiative to provide a stronger safety net for consumers.”

Underdog invested in idPair last month to aid the supplier’s growth and offer the firm access to “top advisors, mentors and investors.”

The post US set for new National Voluntary Self-Exclusion Programme via RG startup first appeared on EGR Intel.


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