VSin Heading to New Hampshire FM Radio in Binnie Media Deal

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DraftKings’ VSiN, also known as the Vegas Sports Information Network, is heading to New Hampshire FM radio through a deal with Binnie Media.

Brent Musburger promoting sports betting radio network VSiN. The company is entering New Hampshire in a deal with Binnie Media. (Image: VSiN)

Financial terms of the agreement weren’t disclosed. New Hampshire-based Binnie describes itself as “New England’s largest locally owned media company” and claims to reach 1.5 million people per week, including 580K in that region. The new VSiN Radio 106.3-FM will feature 24/7 sports and wagering programming. VSiN’s Brent Musburger’s action updates will also air twice daily, Monday through Friday, on eight other sister stations – six FM and two AM.

This addition of a 24/7 VSiN affiliate in the New England area builds on VSiN’s momentum in expanding its distribution footprint. Including both long form and Action Updates, VSiN programming is now available on more than 300 stations in 46 states around the country, reaching nearly 90% of the US radio market,” according to a statement issued by Las Vegas-based VSiN.

With recent legalizations in Maine and Vermont, all six New England states permit sports wagering.

Why New Hampshire Makes Sense for VSiN

While it’s home to just 1.38 million residents, New Hampshire makes for a practical addition to VSiN’s state-level roster for multiple reasons.

First, as noted above, the media company is owned by DraftKings via a March 2021 acquisition. DraftKings has a monopoly of sorts in New Hampshire’s sports wagering market — one fortified by the fact the operator is a New England-based company.

Additionally, while New Hampshire isn’t home to any professional teams, nor does it have any FBS college football teams, it’s home to plenty of people who are avid devotees of Boston teams. That city, which is DraftKings’ headquarters, is home to some of the most rabid sports fans in the US, and that theme resonates throughout New England.

“Sports betting is quickly becoming part of the daily conversation. As we evaluated the options in this space, we landed on VSiN,” said Binnie Media Vice President of Programming Heath Cole in the statement.

DraftKings could also wring benefits from the VSiN/Binnie accord as Maine and Vermont move toward their respective launches of mobile sports betting. Binnie owns nine radio stations in New Hampshire and five in Maine, according to its website.

Other Benefits for DraftKings

It’s possible that through the VSiN New Hampshire radio agreement, the sports media entity will enhance its appeal to advertisers, potentially boosting its haul of related dollars in the process.

That would be a significant benefit to parent company DraftKings as it looks to diversify its revenue stream and reduce dependence on sports betting in its efforts to become profitable.

If nothing else, the New Hampshire pact confirms VSiN is growing and appealing to audiences across the US. That’s pertinent to DraftKings’ budding media empire, which includes VSiN, Meadowlark Media, an agreement with ESPN, and more.

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