What does it take to power a tier-one brand?

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As partner of the Power 50 rankings’ publication, head of sales, casino, at EveryMatrix Richardt Funch explores the commercial elements of what it takes to power a tier-one operator  

What are the principal elements to secure a tier-one contract and drive it to record growth?   

Transparency and focus = instant trust

Several years ago, we rewrote the rulebook to develop a modular product approach where customers could select what was best suited to them, enabling us to tailor each product to their precise requirements. This has significantly paid off and means we are now the world’s fastest-growing igaming provider, supplying some of the biggest global betting and gaming brands with a complete suite of advanced platform technology. This is our first key differentiator.

The second is that we have no B2C or white-label ties whatsoever, while many of our competitors are increasingly muddying the waters by owning both their own brands and providing operators with outsourced technology.

As a tier-one brand, if I want to enter into a project with a supplier and I have very high targets that I need to achieve to make my shareholders happy, I will always opt for a provider I can trust and who will focus on what needs to be done 100% and no distractions. These ‘clean’ lines mean we gain the instant trust of operators and lottery organisations in an industry where ownership and product offerings can be complex.

Separate yourself from the competition

Proven unique selling points (USPs) are vital in such a competitive environment. We attract record numbers of tier-one brands for several reasons. The first thing we always spell out clearly is that we are a pure B2B supplier. We don’t have any B2C business connections and 100% of our focus is on our clients. This is a very strong message which resonates with serious, global tier-one brands.

We have state-of-the-art, modular products, our back office is modern and streamlined, and we are constantly improving this by speaking to clients and implementing their requests. It is because we develop whatever they need that we win and grow with our clients. We are always flexible and open to delivering whatever it takes to satisfy them.

EveryMatrix is certified and licensed all over the world, has vast amounts of global expertise and can adapt and work in any regulated market. For tier-one brands this is an extremely time-consuming and budget-sapping resource. They need to move fast with competitors hot on their heels and we can help to deliver.

Our modular product suite and flexible and modular APIs have been a game changer. Each of our products has a dedicated team and CEO to be the best they can be. This has been a very focused way of managing tier-one clients. We are always looking for that extra percentage that makes the difference to their bottom lines and drives their growth to its full potential.

Our operational services are up there with the best. These require good management and good people. We have 24/7 incident managers and dedicated account managers for each of our clients. If you run a casino, we can integrate vendors and providers quicker than anyone else, using a very strong process. If you want to be number one, you must be fast.

First impressions count

In igaming years, we’ve been doing this a long time and have built up a huge bank of knowledge and experience. This counts for a great deal when face-to-face with tier-one brands. As we’ve grown, we’ve been able to add and retain a wealth of talent in all areas including commercial and compliance across the 12 countries our teams are located.

Our team is designed to focus on specific regions and markets, therefore, if we have a need in a certain territory, we know we always have someone in place that has superior insights, who understands the tax situation, the technical compliance requirements and the competitive landscape. First impressions play a key role and having this level of knowledge when entering initial discussions with a client or prospect is a big advantage, immediately giving both sides stronger ground on which to build trust, develop a relationship and eventually sign on the dotted line.

Rapid expert deployment

Being able to quickly deploy our global experts to meet prospects that have specific needs and demonstrate the capabilities of our products is vital. We’ve developed a well-oiled machine when it comes to achieving this and I know I can instantly call on members of the team to convene as urgently as we need them.

If a tier-one client is looking for a turnkey solution that combines multiple elements of our product offering, I can handpick specific sales, payments, platform, sportsbook and sports data or casino specialists. We pride ourselves on our expertise, our products’ proven capabilities and our professionalism. This is not just one sales manager trying to sell the dream, this is serious, well-structured and well-thought-out strategic planning whereby we cater for each request for each individual prospect.

Enthusiasm is everything

Death by PowerPoint or the dreaded demo. We’ve all been there, where technology fails and you must survive on a wing and a prayer, but there are ways to avoid this worst-case scenario. If you have well-planned, well-resourced, well-structured and tailored demos or presentations, combined with passionate commercial teams and product experts, then this can make all the difference between walking away with nothing or a multi-year contract. Whenever we need to demonstrate our capabilities, we break the glass to the emergency phone and call in our A-team of experts who can deliver presentations and demos with such enthusiasm and energy it makes a massive difference to how the prospect feels and behaves afterwards. This is a dealbreaker for many, and it has been a dealmaker for us. I’ve lost count of how many times this has swayed tier-one brands to join us.

Management that believes in you

Our strong commercial culture comes straight from the top and, as a founder-led business that has always maintained the same entrepreneurial spirit today as it did 15 years ago, we have that in spades at EveryMatrix.

Our CEO Ebbe Groes remains at the heart of all major decisions and is very close to the day-to-day operations within all business units. His appetite to grow the company, see it break new ground and win and deliver results for tier-one clients remains as infectious as ever.

This positivity and push to be number one cascades down the business into all our teams. They know that if they smell an opportunity and there is a business case to be put forward, that as a private company, decisions can be made very quickly, with no politics, and that the quest to deliver and grow our customers is our constant driving force.

EveryMatrix proudly sponsors the EGR Power 50 rankings, which will be published this December.

Richardt Funch, head of sales, casino, at EveryMatrix, is an experienced senior commercial and operational leader. He has driven his team to win and maintain some of the largest deals in the company’s history, from household operators to major national lottery groups.  


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