Circa Boss Stevens Raffling Off Two Spots on Private Jet for NFC Title Game

Circa founder Derek Stevens knows marketing and he’s tapping into his vast reservoir of customer attraction knowledge by leveraging his private jet and bettors’ enthusiasm for Sunday’s NFC Championship game.

Circa owner Derek Stevens outside that casino hotel in downtown Las Vegas. He’s raffling off two spots on his private jet for the NFC championship game. (Jeff Scheid/The Nevada Independent)

Stevens owns the D and the Golden Gate in downtown Las Vegas and is raffling off two spots on his private plane during Saturday night’s “Huddle Up at Overhang” pep rally held at the Circa Sportsbook. Entries can be earned by wearing either Detroit Lions or San Francisco 49ers gear to the sportsbook or by placing a $100 proposition wager on the game. Winners must be present to claim the ride on the jet.

Prop bets are increasingly popular with bettors and sportsbook operators alike. Those bets expand the wagering menu for bettors while offering clients avenues beyond traditional pre-game bets, such as sides and totals. Additionally, prop bets can be more team or player-focused than traditional sports wagers.

Operators like prop bets because the expanded menu, much of it including longer odds fare, is attractive to bettors and presents an avenue for boosting revenue. Props bets also lend themselves to being efficient in the burgeoning in-game or live betting market.

Quick Trip to San Francisco

Stevens is a Michigan native, and his support of the University of Michigan Wolverines and other teams from “the mitten” is well-documented.

That includes the Lions — the long moribund franchise captivating the hearts and minds of NFL fans nationwide. Outside of California’s Bay Area, of course. San Franciso is a 7-point favorite in Sunday’s game. It’ll be a quick trip for the pair lucky enough to win spots on Stevens’ plane.

No need to pack a bag,” Stevens said at Circa last night. “We’re leaving Sunday morning, and we’ll be back Sunday night. Quick 15-hour trip.”

This isn’t the first time Stevens has used air travel as a customer attraction tool. In May 2020, just days before Las Vegas casino hotels reopened from punitive coronavirus lockdowns enforced by then Gov. Steve Sisolak (D-NV), the Circa owner pledged to buy 1,000 plane tickets on various airlines to bring tourists back to Sin City. Proving that was an altruistic move, there was no requirement for recipients of those tickets to stay at Circa, the D, or the Golden Gate.

Other Prizes

There’s no denying the allure of private air travel, even if it’s just for a short trip from Las Vegas to San Francisco and back. Still, participants in Saturday night’s “Huddle Up at Overhang” pep rally don’t win spots on the Stevens plane have opportunities for other attractive prizes.

Those include cabanas and daybeds at Circa’s famous Stadium Swim or dinner at Barry’s Downtown Prime — Circa’s flagship restaurant.

As for the economics of the NFC championship game, Stevens told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that his Lions, as things stand today, are the best outcome for Circa Sports for both the NFC title game and the Super Bowl. That could change if sharp action comes in on the Lions for the big game if they defeat the 49ers.

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