Indiana Casino Robber Allegedly Kidnapped One Worker, Threatened to Shoot Another

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The armed bandit who stole an unspecified amount of cash from Indiana’s Hollywood Casino allegedly took one employee hostage and planned to shoot another, according to new details on Saturday’s heist.

Daniel Birdseye, pictured above, faces several charges for a casino kidnapping and heist. (Image: Dearborn County Sheriff’s Office)

The masked suspect, identified as Daniel Birdseye, 39, followed a worker at the Lawrenceburg, Ind. gaming property into the cashier’s cage at about 7:30 p.m., according to Dearborn/Ohio County Prosecutor Lynn Deddens.

He then pulled out a gun and stole money from the unsuspecting employee, Deddens revealed this week, according to Ohio TV station WXIX.

Leaped Through Window

Birdseye next leaped through a teller’s window where he was able to allegedly rob more money from drawers in the banking area.

A female employee attempted to close a door after Birdseye appeared, but he forced it open with his foot. The employee suffered cuts on her arm from the impact.

Soon, Birdseye threatened to wound another worker who was talking on the phone. “Hang the phone up, b****, or I will shoot you,” Birdseye shouted at the employee.

While near the cash, an employee, Erica Fryer, spotted Birdseye approaching her.

I turned around to relook and the guy was standing there next to me with a gun, and he goes, ‘Open the f****** drawers now. I’m not playing,’” Fryer revealed to WXIX.

Took Worker Hostage

Birdseye, holding a firearm, then directed still another employee to accompany him as he fled the casino.

You are going to be my hostage and get me out of this building,” he told the worker.

The worker stayed alongside Birdseye until they reached a first-floor exit. Once by the door, Birdseye released the worker.

No shots were fired, but a public address system announcement at the casino warned patrons of an active shooter. Many casino visitors reportedly hid on the casino floor or under tables as the safety alarm sounded. One elderly man reportedly suffered cuts after he fell onto the casino floor, according to Ohio TV station WCPO.

Birdseye fled and was found by police at about 10 p.m. in a wooded area at the Oxbow Nature Conservancy.

Fryer, anxious over the incident, quit her job at the casino, according to WXIX.

Birdseye in Debt

Birdseye later admitted to robbing the cash and told police he needed the money because he was in debt.

Police officers searched him and located a loaded firearm, ammo, and a bag filled with cash, which was covered with casino wrappers, according to WXIX.

It was also revealed that Birdseye had been playing at the casino before the heist but left the property before returning later.

Birdseye was taken to jail, where he allegedly assaulted two corrections officers. As of Tuesday, he was charged with kidnapping, armed robbery with a deadly weapon, criminal confinement, intimidation, and battery on public safety officials.

The Indiana Gaming Commission is leading the investigation into the incident.

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