EBGA finds European Safer Gambling Week had a “much greater impact” in 2023

Trade association notes that social media impressions grew 427%, while the number of countries participating in the initiative rose by 25%  

The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) has hailed this year’s European Safer Gambling Week as a major “step up” compared to last year’s edition.

The event, which ran from 13 November to 19 November, included a social media campaign and multiple events held across the continent to raise awareness of safer gambling.

The trade association said that its social media campaign spanned across 20 countries, representing a 25% increase in the number of participants than in 2022. 

Across the social media campaign, this year’s edition saw safer gambling messaging translated in 20 languages across 700 total posts which generated 7.9 million impressions, representing a 427% yearly increase.

The EGBA noted that at least 162 different operators, brands, organisations and associations participated in this year’s edition. 

Included within those organisation, 20 European gambling trade bodies also participated in the event, an increase from last year’s 14.

The trade body also said that gambling regulators from Belgium, Denmark, France, Gibraltar and Latvia participated in this year’s edition via social media or by speaking at local events. 

In a post on LinkedIn, the EGBA praised this year’s campaign and said it was planning to improve its reach once again in 2024.

The EGBA said: “Together, participants collectively delivered a massive eight million safer gambling messages to customers across 20 countries, raising greater awareness and encouraging important conversations about safer gambling.

“We were thrilled to see a step up in this year’s edition, with much greater impact and participation from across Europe’s gambling ecosystem. As we prepare for the next edition, our aim is to raise the bar even higher and we hope you will join us in our efforts to promote a strong culture of safer gambling.”


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