FairPlay Sports Media: A new look at industry brand perception

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EGR and FairPlay Sports Media have partnered to bring a data-led, quarterly report on brand perception of leading firms in the sector. Here, the affiliate giant explains the methodology behind its findings
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EGR and FairPlay Sports Media, the parent company behind oddschecker, SuperScommesse and various other brands, have partnered together to bring the affiliate and BetTech giant’s brand perception insights to EGR subscribers.

The partnership will see FairPlay Sports Media lift the lid on their internal brand perception insights that are shared with leading operators, for both the UK and the US.

Here, FairPlay Sports Media senior customer insights manager Peter Morris delves into the methodology and history behind the tracker as a prelude to the upcoming partnership.

If you’re reading this as an industry veteran, you’re likely to have a strong hunch on the sportsbook market leaders across both the UK and the US. Prominent incumbents, the likes of bet365, Sky Bet and Paddy Power, dominate much of the media conversation in the UK, while in the US, DraftKings and FanDuel take the lion’s share of coverage.

Anecdotally, executives at the leading sportsbook brands have a strong understanding of broadly where they sit in their market, whether that’s a US state, the US as a whole, or within the UK betting ecosystem. But strong understanding doesn’t tell the full story, and that’s why FairPlay Sports Media has been assisting operators and relevant suppliers with detailed information and reporting to track brand perceptions in both territories.

In the UK, we have unique historical data sets going back to December 2021, while in the US, we’ve been actively tracking brand perception since Q4 2023. We survey engaged online sports bettors who demonstrate high frequency betting patterns – most respondents bet at least once a week – and translate responses to assist brands with detailed, valuable insights into their competitive strengths and weaknesses, their relative position in the market, all while highlighting industry themes as they emerge.

Operator tracking data is aimed specifically at those bettors who will form the majority of betting revenue – whether today or in the future – for sportsbook brands. The audience has been selected as they’re engaged with multiple operators and bet across multiple sports. They understand what a quality betting experience is and they have opinions on the operators we are asking them about.

The tracker’s key metrics include ‘awareness’, ‘usage’ and ‘consideration’ and together they provide an unrivalled overview of the market as a whole. What are the leading brands? Which sportsbooks are converting awareness into usage and favouritism most effectively? And, perhaps most importantly, which brands have the most potential for future usage?

The latter question is pivotal to the still maturing US market. An example of the data that FairPlay has compiled shows what we’d expect in FanDuel and DraftKings being the runaway market leaders, with little to separate them. However, DraftKings appear to be converting users to favouritism – ie, which is their preferred sportsbook? – more effectively, with 38% of bettors tagging them as their go-to, with FanDuel behind with 32%.

The FairPlay Sports Media Operator Tracker delves deeper to also look at brand associations from both a product perspective and an intangible brand perspective. The former looks at sportsbooks’ specific product capabilities, such as price boosts, free bets and best odds, while the brand focuses on which sports are the most fun or most trustworthy, for example.

While this data is useful on its own, our data experts take it one step further to analyse those brands that are over- or under-indexing on product and brand associations, and so guiding partners on where their opportunities and challenges lie and what differentiates them versus the competition.

Paddy Power might expect to come out on top as a ‘fun’ brand, and our analysis gives them additional insight into whether humorous marketing campaigns are landing to the level expected, and to give confidence or shine a new light on their own proprietary reporting.

FairPlay’s quarterly tracking data has been a trusted asset to operators in the UK and US for some time now. It has benefits for senior executives looking for an industry snapshot and progress over time while also giving analysts and product and marketing strategists more in-depth data to assist with prioritisation inside roadmaps and brand campaigns.

We sit at a privileged position at the intersection of both sportsbooks and bettors, and this gives us a unique understanding of the relationship between the two. We are well set to continue our value-adding data partnerships with sportsbooks going forward.

Peter Morris has more than a decade of experience working in market research, starting his career working at agencies Ipsos Mori and then 2CV, with a particular focus on brand and marketing research projects.

 In 2018 he joined what was then Oddschecker, focusing on UK product and marketing insight. Since then, he has expanded his role, heading up customer insight within FairPlay Sports Media, providing intel across all their operations and territories. 

The post FairPlay Sports Media: A new look at industry brand perception first appeared on EGR Intel.


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