Las Vegas Police Drop the Mic-Throwing Charges Against Cardi B

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The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has closed its investigation into the alleged, and now world famous, battery committed by Cardi B last Saturday at Drai’s Beachclub. No charges will be filed.

A drink-drenched Cardi B, backdropped by the Bellagio, is shown in mid-microphone hurl in the first reported case of a performer retaliating for an object thrown from the audience. The incident occurred at Drai’s Beachclub on Saturday, July 29. (Image: TikTok)

During her performance, Cardi B hurled her microphone at an audience member who had doused her with a cup full of liquid and ice. This was not long after the rap starlet asked her crowd to splash water on her to cool her down in the scorching Vegas heat.

A police report was filed a day later, but not by the individual Cardi B hit with her mic. It was filed by the 26-year-old woman standing next to that individual, according to the report. The woman said the microphone bounced off its intended target and struck her in the shoulder.

“[The woman] reported that she is experiencing pain because of this incident and is going to go get medical attention after she returns home [Sunday],” read the report, which added that she waited a day to notify police because “the crowd was very large during this incident, and she was unable to complete a report with security or notify police at that time.”

But the case was never even referred to the DA, since police concluded there was “insufficient evidence” that the rapper commited a criminal offense.

“On behalf of Cardi, we appreciate the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept’s diligent and prompt resolution of this matter,” read a joint statement from her attorneys, Drew Findling of Atlanta, and David Chesnoff and Richard Scholfeld of Las Vegas.

The incident garnered so much media coverage, the mic involved is currently fetching nearly $100K in an eBay auction closing on Tuesday, Aug. 8.

Cardi B’s method of retaliation is becoming a bad habit for the rapper, who was born Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar 30 years ago. It was actually the second microphone she flung to make a point last weekend in Vegas.

At Drai’s nightclub only hours earlier, as revealed in this viral TikTok video, Cardi B also launched a microphone at her DJ after performing her 2018 hit “I Like It.” According to a commenter on the video, she was unhappy that her songs were being cut off too early.

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