Dutch MPs approve total advertising ban and removal of online slots

Motions tabled by the Socialist Party will now head to government minister in potential major change to regulated framework in the Netherlands
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The Dutch parliament has voted for a total ban on gambling advertising and the removal of “very high-risk gambling” verticals such as online slots, in a major shakeup in the Netherlands.

As first reported by Netherlands-facing gambling industry site Casino Nieuws, the House of Representatives gave a slight majority to two motions that would fundamentally alter a regulated market which went live less than three years ago.

Motions from Socialist Party MP Michiel van Nispen were accepted by fellow politicians yesterday, 16 April, as well as potential changes to mandatory credit checks for customers in the market.

The motion for a total ban on advertising came after a similar proposal from Christian Democratic Appeal MP Derk Boswijk in February failed to garner sufficient support.

During the parliamentary session, 15 motions relating to gambling were submitted, with 13 being voted on. MPs approved 10 of those 13 motions.

In terms of the total ban on gambling advertising, Casino Nieuws reported that the Farmer Citizen Movement party (BBB) had changed its position since February, allowing the motion to pass with a slim majority of 77 votes in favour.

In July 2023, the Netherlands implemented a ban on untargeted advertising across TV, radio, online, print and out-of-home spaces.

For the banning of games that are “demonstrably very high risk”, the motion received 79 votes in favour.

The proposals will now head to the Minister for Legal Protection, Franc Weerwind, with van Nispen having requested that Weerwind explain how he will address the motions.

The current Dutch government is in talks over a new coalition arrangement, which could further complicate enshrining any changes into law.

Van Nispen said: “Regulated gambling has been turned into a gambling market in 2021. And this market is sick through and through. Every day that these companies continue their bad practices, more people become addicted to gambling.

“As far as we are concerned, it is the end of the story for gambling companies without morals. A ban on online gambling advertisements is another step forward towards a country without bad gambling companies,” he added.

The decision in parliament has drawn the ire of the Netherlands Online Gambling Association (NOGA), with the body claiming any such change to regulations could lead to a spike in black-market activity.

In a statement provided to EGR, NOGA director Peter-Paul de Goeij said: “It is our firm belief that the proposed measures, including the ban on online gambling advertising and the ban on high-risk games of chance, cannot be introduced through lower regulation but only through formal legislation.

“However, past experience with regulatory adjustments offers little confidence of a good outcome. The motions are undoubtedly well-intentioned but lack a solid foundation in facts and figures.

“Moreover, current data does not support the need for further restrictions; on the contrary, such motions threaten to drive online gamblers back to illegal platforms, with disastrous consequences for consumer protection.

“In any case, the illegal market is ready to welcome these gamblers back to their illegal gambling sites. The responsibility for these negative developments lies with the House of Representatives,” he added.

The post Dutch MPs approve total advertising ban and removal of online slots first appeared on EGR Intel.


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