Gambling to be put under the microscope in UK parliamentary health inquiry

Addictive industries to be explored in second stage of cross-party inquiry into prevention in health and social care  

Gambling addiction is set to be examined by MPs as part of an ongoing inquiry into prevention in health and social care.

The Health and Social Care Committee confirmed gambling, along with alcohol, drugs and smoking, will all be explored as part of the second tranche of the inquiry.

The committee has yet to confirm when oral sessions to explore the four topics will take place.

Gambling was earmarked as a key topic in the inquiry in April following more than 600 submissions to MPs on key areas to study.

Gambling was explicitly mentioned in 18 direct submissions during the process.

The inquiry has already overseen four oral evidence sessions in Westminster in May, July, September and October.

Those sessions explored vaccinations, building healthier communities, neighbourhood design and town planning and the associated impact on health in the UK.

Steve Brine MP, chair of the Health and Social Care Committee, said: “We are all too aware of the harms, including addiction, that can be caused by alcohol, drugs, gambling and smoking.

“The government’s plans announced in the King’s Speech to introduce legislation to create a ‘smoke-free generation’ are welcome news. However, that won’t safeguard the current generation of children who will continue to be affected by parents who smoke, for example.

“If you drink alcohol regularly, are you aware of the risks to your health? If you smoke, gamble or use drugs? We’ll be considering what responsibilities those industries share, and where the government needs to step in to encourage change across the population and prevent ill-health caused by alcohol, drugs, gambling and smoking.

“We’ll question the impact of public health messaging on avoiding harmful behaviour that contributes to poor health and consider the effectiveness of existing regulation,” the MP added.


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