Q&A: SOFTSWISS founder on 15 years of living his dream

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In this article, brought to you by SOFTSWISS, founder Ivan Montik marks the tech provider’s 15th anniversary and shares his insights on evolution in a rapidly changing industry
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Since its inception in 2009, SOFTSWISS, a leading tech provider in igaming, has evolved into a powerhouse, reshaping the online gaming experience. In 2013, the company introduced Bitcoin into the online entertainment industry. Ivan Montik, founder of SOFTSWISS, runs several successful projects in IT, fintech and igaming.

EGR: When you were a teenager, you sold your piano to buy a PC. What were your aspirations for your future career and how have they aligned with your current professional path?

Ivan Montik (IM): Back then, every student dreamt of having a computer but very few parents could afford it. Mine couldn’t, so I found myself thinking of ways to make it happen. It was about comparing the value of my old piano against the potential of a new computer and evaluating the possibilities the latter could bring me. I’d say it was a sign of business acumen.

At the age of 15, I was interested in business and, to me, doing business meant turning what you have, whether material belongings or your knowledge and ideas, into opportunities. I explored different spheres and the perspectives they represented and IT seemed to be the most promising one.

I also realised that mastering the basics was crucial to succeed as a businessman in any industry so I focused on learning computer science at university. After two years of majoring in maths and programming, I switched to business management and economics. It gave me a solid knowledge base of global economic processes and a deep understanding of how to run international business. These two areas of my studies were a perfect combination, which helped me pursue my career path in IT. 

EGR: You’ve said you “can always forgive mistakes, but rarely forgive missed chances”. How have your methods for accomplishing goals evolved since you founded SOFTSWISS?

IM: Our business has seen immense growth over the last few years and our goals have grown and changed immensely. We now have more teams working on these goals, each with a more complex structure. However, it is not the size and structure that matter but the motivation and atmosphere inside the team.

Key to this is communicating the company’s goals to the employees and ensuring they share our common values. Keeping people interested in what the company is doing and having them involved in pursuing the global strategy works great. 

I’ve always paid special attention to showing how we appreciate every employee and value their contribution to the company’s achievements. This feeling of being part of something big is the main driving force and the key to our success. 

EGR: Over 15 years of business, which specific accomplishment brings you the most pride?

IM: When we started our path in igaming, we were absolute newcomers, learning everything from scratch. Profound technical expertise and high motivation were essential building blocks. However, it was extremely challenging to make our way through the thorns of igaming with zero knowledge of the industry specifics and no successful cases to present to potential clients.

But after 15 years, everyone knows SOFTSWISS. Other providers, regulators and operators know our company as the leading market player, the innovator and the outstanding employer. The whole team has been working on this reputation over the years. Trust is hard to build but easy to destroy. It embraces many ingredients such as impeccable client service, high-quality products, honest and ethical competition and a responsible attitude towards people in the team. 

These things are tough to bring together. It’s a never-ending process to which every SOFTSWISS team member contributes. I seriously think our reputation is our biggest achievement, and I’m immensely proud of it. 

EGR: What advice would you give to your children if they want to start their own business in terms if ‘lessons learned’?

IM: My personal experience shows that if you want to build a successful business, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice. Don’t believe the so-called “experts” promoting the idea of a two-hour working day. My journey started with a 16-hour working day, and it’s still close to that when it comes to new projects.

Whether you start a new company or take over an existing business, be prepared to devote all of your time and energy to it. It’s sometimes hard and involves certain sacrifices, but it’s extremely rewarding, too. You feel the drive all the time because you do your own thing. The sense of accomplishment is very satisfying and makes life richer. Finally, you meet people who share your values and work on common goals, and they become part of your new family. 

EGR: What noteworthy achievements do you think you’ll be sharing in 15 years’ time?

IM: I have a clear vision of the 30-year milestone and the achievements I hope to share at that point. I’d like to be able to find SOFTSWISS among the world’s best employers. We are going to be a company that provides work to intelligent and highly motivated people who possess a keen insight into the future of technology, are always at the forefront of innovation, and successfully implement AI in our products. I am talking about people who aim to integrate our business goals into different spheres of human life. 

I’d like to see the children of those who were at the company’s origin and developed our common business among us. I want them to be the new driving force for SOFTSWISS which will be taking the company to a new level in the next 15 years. 

I’d consider it a great privilege to state that we’d contributed to many positive changes in the world of igaming and turned the concept of fair play into reality. I’d like to talk about responsible gambling, which brings operators and players together and gives both sides the advantages they are looking for. That would be one of our most significant achievements. 

EGR: Describe what SOFTSWISS means to you in 15(ish) words.

IM: SOFTSWISS is an integral part of me, my greatest challenge and my most meaningful achievement. It is the company I dreamt of.

Ivan Montik is the founder of SOFTSWISS, a global tech company with over 15 years of experience. Under his visionary leadership, the company has transformed from a dynamic startup to an industry leader, driven by its unwavering commitment to delivering innovative igaming software. With a robust values system and agile approach, Montik unites over 2,000 talented professionals to drive igaming innovation through cutting-edge technologies. 

The post Q&A: SOFTSWISS founder on 15 years of living his dream first appeared on EGR Intel.


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